What to brew the coffee

What to brew the coffee

The taste of coffee depends not only on the coffees. No less important is the method of cooking. Currently, there are several.

Coffee in Turku

The oldest and simplest way widely used today, is brewing

coffee in a pot (cezve or wine). The name of this vessel is easy to guess that this method came to Europe from the East. There it began to brew the coffee, first in the usual saucepans, then in a special, ornate. Over time, for the convenience of one-pot handle was removed. The remaining extended, curved, flattened. Supervisory Arabs noticed that, if the pot at a certain height to make a more narrow and the edge of the widening, the coffee is even more delicious.

Traditional Turkish coffee is not brewed on the stove, and in the hot sand, burying him on the neck Turku with water and coffee. The water begins to boil, and Turku immediately pulled out of the sand. The procedure can be repeated several times to convey the flavor of coffee.

For lovers to brew coffee this way sold a special electrical device that look like a box with sand. When activated, the sand is heated, and then the coffee is brewed in the traditional way. In a simplified version of coffee is brewed in a pot in a water bath or on low heat.

Tip: if you are not too versed in cofetarie people, start with the Turks. Use the first one sort of coffee. Then you can move on to the blends of Arabica, further – to flavored coffees. Then gradually try to add garlic, onion, spices, spices and alcohol.

The coffee pot

Method of preparing coffee in Turku was widespread up until the end of the eighteenth century English physicist Report invented the coffee pot . Since then, this simple device is infinitely improved. Coffee pots, which must be heated on the stove, and currently produced by manufacturers, including luxury tableware, despite the ongoing upgrading of household electrical appliances.

Generally, all coffee makers can be divided into two groups: those that must be heated on the stove, and electric. The first can be both conventional and hot spring. The second type of coffee makers are in turn subdivided on the drip type machines (filter and espresso, and more recently appeared and combined.

Coffee maker French press

One of the most popular coffee maker is the French press . It was invented in 1920 by French company Melior, in the 30-ies became widespread in Italy, and after the second world war in France, USA, China and Japan. In Russia, unfortunately, know little.

Coffee is a tall narrow glass vessel of heat resistant glass with a piston. The lower part of the piston is connected to the metal mesh filter tight to the cylinder walls, and the top attached to the lid.

The coffee maker is heated, then poured the right amount of coarse ground coffee and pour hot water. Once the coffee is brewed for 4-5 minutes, the piston is slowly lowered down – the drink is ready.

Coffee is without grounds, less strong compared to espresso, but stronger than drip coffee makers.

Geyser coffee maker

Geyser coffee makers are very popular, especially in Italy.

It is believed that this coffee maker was invented by a Parisian jeweler Jacques Augustine initiative for the promotion of in 1827, and was improved by the French inventor Duran.

Any geyser coffee maker (for making coffee on the stove or an electric stove) consists of three sections. To make coffee, put the coffee maker on the stove, or turn on the heater. Heated, the water in the lower section forms a positive pressure and steam begins to pass through the coffee in the second section, where he is on a special high the tube falls into the third section, where it cools and condenses. Coffee grounds remains in the cylinder, and the coffee is strong and rich.

Tip: Coffee is better to take a coarse in the extreme case – medium.

The automatic drip coffee maker

Automatic drip coffee maker (another name filtration or American) designed the Archbishop of Paris de Belloy in 1800.

These coffee makers have a heating circuit, passing through which cold water is heated to 87-95 ° C and drop by drop into the filter, where poured coffee. Coffee gives all the aromatic substances of the water, which flows into the flask.

An integral part of these coffee makers filter. Paper – disposable nylon – reusable. Sometimes nylon filter coated with a layer of titanium nitride (the Golden filter”), which increases its service life.

Tip: If you like strong coffee, it is best to purchase coffee low power (750-800 watts). As the water heats up more slowly, it has time to absorb more flavors, because of what the coffee is stronger.

Espresso maker

In coffee makers espresso coffee is made by pressurized steam. This coffee maker can cook and cappuccino. Frothing milk a tube with a nozzle is lowered into the glass of milk, through it under pressure is driven vapor, which creates a froth.

The principle of operation of coffee makers is as follows: water is heated as soon as the pressure reaches the desired limit, the valve opens and the water passes through a tank of coffee.

Coffee makers class Steam Espresso characterized by low pressure (3.5 to 4 bar), cook them in a coffee can for 2-4 cups.

Coffee makers class Pump-Espresso is more perfect, they are pump-pump. The water enters the coffee pressure 15 bar, so absorbs more aromatic flavor of coffee.

Tip: For coffee use espresso espresso – beans, sauteed with special technology, coarse.

Combined coffee

Combo coffee makers – this is actually two models in one. One is the automatic drip coffee maker can boil a liter of coffee and another Cup of espresso. The combined coffee and have a separate device for frothing milk for cappuccino. Most of all, this coffee maker is ideal for those who can not determine what kind of coffee like espresso or traditional. Combo coffee makers are very convenient in a small kitchen, as it will greatly save space.

But combined coffee machines have their drawbacks, the main one being the one for each part of the machine need specific care and different types of ground coffee. Moreover, such devices are not cheap: for the same money you can separately buy a very decent automatic drip coffee maker and espresso machine.

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