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Coffee orange

How to cook a delicious coffee, flavored with natural orange oil

This coffee recipe came to me after my shopping trips in search of good coffee. Wanted to buy flavored coffee, but with flavour.

In our stores now sell many different varieties of flavored coffee. But, basically, they use artificial flavors. And it came to me, like a revelation, because I could go home myself to do. Therefore, today we will cook a real orange coffee.

How to cook a delicious coffee house in Turka

1 Cup of coffee we will need:

gr 7-10. beans coffee

a small piece of orange peel (without the white part)

a pinch of salt and sugar or honey to taste

Coffee, orange zest, salt, grind in a coffee grinder, then put it all in Turku, pour cold water and cook on a medium heat until the foam will not rise (should not boil). Remove from heat, allow to stand for 2-3 minutes and pour in a Cup(which should be pre-heated),filtering through a strainer, otherwise you will come across little bits of zest. Add sugar or honey to taste.

Fragrant delicious coffee is ready. As you can see it is very simple, but the result will please all palates this wonderful drink.

And some more advice: diversify, this drink can spices. Well suited cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. You can add as a mixture of these spices, or separately. And every time you get a new coffee.

And of course do not forget that coffee beans should be of good quality. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to it carefully. And the degree of roasting depends on your preferences, the higher it is, the more rich and robust do coffee.

Take to prepare delicious coffee just as good quality water. This also very much depends on the taste of the drink.

And how to cook very invigorating, strong, tasty and aromatic coffee in Japanese see in this recipe

How to choose a good coffee

Please leave your feedback, comments to the recipe. Write down how You got to cook my recipe. I would be interested to know.

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