Recipes for coffee.


Coffee in the Eastern European version. Espresso is an Italian invention.

Espresso, involves not only the ability to turn the machine on. It requires a special blend of different varieties of coffee, taken in certain proportions, and grain – certainly silikoosialane.

Great taste and aroma of the beverage is achieved due to the high pressure water extraction of coffee. The surest sign that you got a “proper” espresso – brown-hazelnut mousse (the Italians call it “cream”).

Milk coffee mixed in different proportions.


Method of preparation:

For the preparation of classic espresso, take 1 serving 1.5 to 2 teaspoons roasted to a dark color the coffee is very finely ground, place it in the espresso maker.

Regular servings of ready espresso 40-50 ml, although pour it in a Cup with a volume of at least 60 ml.


Prepared in vending machines, require the addition of “fluffy”, with a cap of foam (this is done under the pressure of the hot steam), milk. Sprinkle with cocoa.



200-250 ml of very cold milk, 2 tablespoons of coffee for espresso, grated chocolate (or cocoa powder) or cinnamon.

If possible, use whole milk, it will emphasize the taste of the espresso, if not, use any other. Milk can be whipped ferry, if you have a household appliance with such a function, if not, with a mixer or in a blender. Milk whisk very cold lather with small bubbles. While beating, stay tuned to form large bubbles. The process should be stopped until this moment.

Each Cup fill 1/3 coffee – espresso, then one third frothed milk, pour it carefully, holding the foam with a spoon. The foam is laid on top (1/3), its surface sprinkled with chocolate powder, cocoa or cinnamon.


Translated as “stained coffee” is coffee, which he poured a bit of milk, hot or cold.


cooking macchiato at home

1. Beat with a mixer 50 ml. of milk and pour into farfaraway a Cup with a volume of 70 ml.

2. Prepare instant coffee by volume of 25 ml. and pour in a Cup with whipped milk.

3. If desired, add the syrup or sugar.


In the North of Italy is especially popular variety is black, so-called fixed coffee. His “fix” of brandy or Grappa.


espresso coffee – 1 Cup

cognac liqueur – 1/4 Cup

Prepare a Cup of espresso, as usual. Add 1/4 Cup cognac liquor to improve the taste. For this approach: grape vodka, Sambuca, vodka cherry and Cointreau. To “improve” espresso there are many other options. The fantasy in this knows no bounds.

In freshly brewed coffee to dissolve sugar to taste. A tall glass filled with ice cubes, pour coffee. Decorate with thin slices of lime or lemon.


Citric acid

Honey – 20 g

Wine – 30 ml

Mineral water – 10 ml

Almond essence – to taste

To prepare coffee syrup, for this to mix coffee, sugar, water and lemon essence. Cool. Then add the honey, wine, mineral water and almond essence. If desired, you can add a slice of lemon and an ice cube.


Irish coffee – freshly cooked in the hot spring coffee drink is added cane sugar, Irish whiskey. Laid on top of the cap of whipped vanilla cream.

sugar syrup – 20 ml of whiskey, 20 ml coffee – 200 ml whipped cream – coffee bean –

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