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Best places to go on a date in mumbai

Posted by Anders Nord on Tuesday, October 01, 2019 43 Comments
22 Things To Do in Mumbai For Couples - Treebo

Where to go on a date in Mumbai. We pick the most romantic ideas for every kind of couple. ; Share on facebook; +. Suprita Mitter.

The 15 Best Places That Are Good for Dates in Mumbai . ambiance, brilliant food and great service.. the steep price is definitely worth a visit.

Juhu Beach. Visit Juhu Beach in the morning when it is less crowded. If you're lucky, you might even spot a Bollywood star! Avoid visiting the beach on weekends when it's teeming with people.

22 Things To Do in Mumbai For Couples - Treebo

Don't forget to try some food from one of the stalls near the beach. The bhelpuri, a dish often associated with Juhu, is my favorite. Bhel Puri at Juhu Beach Source 2. Worli Seaface. For a great sea view, consider visiting Nariman Point and Worli Seaface.

Marine Drive. Walk or bike along Marine Drive with your lover and take in the beautiful seafront and contrasting skyscrapers. The entire stretch is more than two kilometers, so I recommend stopping for a refreshing coconut juice along the way.

Marine Drive Lovers Source 4. Long Drive.

Romantic Places In Mumbai- 20 Best Place For Date In Mumbai | CNT India

Hop in your car and go for a long drive. A road trip with your loved one can be a wonderful experience. A trip to Mumbai-Pune and Mumbai-Lonavala can be completed in a day. Carter Road. Carter Road Promenade can also be a nice place for lovebirds to walk hand-in-hand. You could easily complete this one-kilometer stretch in less than 15 minutes, but why not take your time and then walk back to the starting point, chatting all the while?

Go to the Bandstand and find a secluded place to spend some quality time. This is by far the most visited lovers' spot in Mumbai, so don't go expecting to have the place to yourselves, and beware of miscreants who go there and create trouble. Joggers' Park. If you live near Bandra West, encourage your partner to come for a jog at the Joggers' Park.

36 Romantic Places for Couples to Visit in Mumbai | WanderWisdom

This is a nice way to start your day and shed those extra pounds. Gym Membership. Run a Half Marathon Together. If you are not a gym person, register to run a marathon or a 10K. Practicing running with your partner means spending more time together. Getting fit together will also make your bond stronger.

30 Amazing Places In Mumbai You Must Head To For Your Next Date

Watch a Movie. Are you on a budget? Visit the nearest cinema hall and watch a movie. The trick here is to buy tickets for a movie that is a dud at the box office. That way the hall will largely be empty, and there won't be any peeping toms to distract you. At the G7 multiplex at Bandra, you'll probably find at least one such empty theater.

Maratha Mandir.

12 Amazing Date Places In Mumbai To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Maratha Mandir Film Ticket Source Romantic Movie. You can also buy a romantic DVD and watch it with your love, although finding a suitable place to enjoy it can be yet another hurdle. If you can't find a place to watch it together, pick a movie on YouTube to watch at your respective homes, then discuss it when you meet or talk next. Comedy Movie.

When you're in love, you don't get bored of romantic movies, but I still prefer comedies. Watch one and laugh out loud together. More Beaches! If you get bored of visiting Juhu Beach, try one of these: Versova Beach - If you have heard that this is the filthiest beach in Mumbai, think again; the BMC and other organizations recently did a massive beach cleanup. Spend an evening here to relish the experience before traveling back to your place via the Mumbai Metro. Or visit the next one in this last.

Places to go in Mumbai to find a date for yourself 1. Gym Running on the treadmill, you might just run into a date. For starters, you've already found something in common with the other person - a shared love for fitness is a great ice-breaker and conversation starter.

Additionally, the conversations in a gym, unlike those in a bar, are sober, and not backed by an unnecessary adrenaline rush that comes from downing way too many drinks.

And most importantly, sweating and panting, we're our natural self in the gym. No hiding behind our best attire, no presenting our best self - you actually see each other for who you actually are.

Where: Here's a good list of gyms in Mumbai that we had shared with you. We'd suggest you go for Reset in Reclamation, Bandra West. And if you're looking for something more price sensitive, Anytime Fitness is a great option too. Music Concerts A packed stadium gyrating to the same tune - there's bound to be energy, enthusiasm, and electric chemistry.

It's and it's time you got over your obsession of bars and nightclubs as the place to be. If you're looking for a date, and can't do without some music and alcohol on the side, a music concert is where you should be heading next. Whoever you meet there already has the same taste in music as you - and you know how important is that. Also, the atmosphere at any concert is so intoxicating not literally, of course , it's way easier to strike up a conversation. Besides, everyone's got their guards down and the mood is good - basically, chances of you being turned down are relatively lower.

And so is DY Patil stadium. As for big concerts happening in the city soon, one of the biggest ones is Rihanna coming to town in October - yes, you read that right. Art Events They're quite niche, yes, and that's exactly why you should be at one of them. First things first, you don't have to be an art connoisseur to go for these events. Trust your own ability to appreciate good and abstract art and you just might find yourself in conversation with someone who'll appreciate you for taking an interest in something that isn't particularly mainstream.

Since the crowd at these events is a selected set, you're automatically guaranteed both substance and style. Striking up a conversation will also be easier for you here - just discuss art. Plays If there was ever an award for the most underrated place to go for a date, theatre would've won it by a mile. We're all fond of watching movies on the big screen. We all love to Netflix and chill, literally. If you have some time on hand, an hour long ferry ride will take you to Boardwalk By Flamboyante on Mandwa jetty.

The deck offers the perfect setting for a lazy brunch or a sundowner. The killer Margaritas match up to the ambience. The Brun Maska with home-made apricot jam is delish. If you like the milky variety, Chaayos has some good options like their popular desi masala chai. Get competitive with a game of Jenga or choose a boardgame and play on the same side at Doolally on Bandra Reclamation Rs for two.

The apple cider will keep the spirits high. Go healthy with a breakfast in the bottle at Nut Cracker in Fort or choose the absolutely sinful seven layered cookie. You may want to talk to your date in hushed tones here as you are probably going to be sharing the table with other guests. Adds to the romance?

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