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I want to date my best friend

Posted by Anders Nord on Thursday, September 26, 2019 28 Comments
9 Reasons to Date Your Best Friend | HuffPost

In theory, it seems like the best idea ever but, in theory, lots of disasters seem " Sex changes things and when you date your best friend that.

When you start dating your best friend, it's exciting and scary at the “Do you have a standing date night such as Saturday night, or are you.

They can make you laugh and smile, even when you are feeling at your lowest. No feigned happiness or commiseration here. They can be as candid, as comfortable, and as crazy as they like around you, and you still adore them. You even boast about their achievements and share their amusing anecdotes with the same enthusiasm as if they were your own.

You can simply be yourself: no makeup, no fancy clothes, no perfectly styled hair. Be warned though: While your friend may always have been there to console you after a messy break-up, they might not have been there for all of the bad times with your ex-partner.

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Read More: 8 Tips for Getting a Boyfriend 5. Celebrate it together — it may just have made your best friend your soul mate. Looking to make meaningful new connections?

If You Start Dating Your Best Friend, Remember These 6 Important Things

Thousands of new singles join EliteSingles each month — sign up here and see who you can meet! This is a tough premise on which to build a romance. Wouldn't a little mystery do a new relationship good? Granted, you'll get to see another side of your best friend, like how they are as a partner, but there's still so much that's already been discovered and it's that fact that's worth considering.

Like that isn't a disaster waiting to happen or anything. But, in addition to knowing that we've created one hell of a mess, I also know that our compatibility as partners versus our compatibility as friends are in completely different stratospheres. For the most part, he is not the type of person I would ever want to seriously date and I'm pretty sure he'd say the same thing about me — despite the mass amount of sexual chemistry between the two of us.

However, sometimes when you start dating your best friend, you assume the friendship compatibility will automatically cross over to the partner compatibility, but that's not always the case — if ever the case.

Basically, you think you're getting the real deal, but you just might be getting what your best friend wants you to see in the moment. The problem with that is that no one can keep up a charade forever. It's going to be really awkward to confide in your now-partner about all the things you'd confide in a best friend. Seriously; on whose shoulder do you cry and whose phone do you blow up with texts of complaints and disbelief? Definitely not your best friend, because they're no longer just your best friend!

That's just basic math.

How to Date Your Best Friend | Dating Tips

With drama, comes a whole slew of emotions, especially ones that you may not have felt before you found yourself in such a mess.

One of those feelings is jealousy. There is definitely a logic to that," Masini says. There's also the possibility of having created a new pattern of turning best friends into partners.

As Masini points out, once "you take a dip in the best friend pond, this may be a one time thing — or the beginning of a pattern.

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