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My best friend is dating my sister

Posted by Anders Nord on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 4 Comments
The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend's Sister by Meghan Quinn

As far as my knowledge, not most/many will think of one's best friend dating his/ her sister. So when you do it, it brings a disappointment which.

I think it would depend on the way the friend treats women. If he was a player then hell no, but if I knew that he was a really good guy who would treat her right .

After all, how would you feel if he wanted to date your sister?

3 Ways to Deal With Having a Crush on Your Friend's Sister

Is he over-protective of his sister? He might simply know too much about you and your predilections to not feel at least a little uneasy at the thought of you dating his sister. Is it merely a desire to bed her or are you intrigued enough to want a relationship with this woman?

My sister has recently been enjoying the single life and it would seem that whenever she begins chatting with a guy, I begin planning a grand event that involves her wearing a white dress.

Poll: Would you let your friend date your sister?

I tell her to double-bag her heart while I make secret lists of why he is not good enough for her. Her future is bright. She deserves someone to love her as much as I do, although it may be impossible — I know there are many out there hoping to try. Last year, she shaved her head and got it tattooed. She carries a knife in her purse. She knows music. She skateboards, dirt bikes and can get down and dirty. She plays Mortal Kombat, Sonic, Mario and everything in between. My sister is young, beautiful and wise.

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Best friend dating little sister : AskMen

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