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Dating a ghanaian woman

Posted by Anders Nord on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 61 Comments – Ghanaian dating and singles, Ghanaian women & men from Ghana

Some of the interesting women that you may find worthy of date are ladies from Ghana. The following are some reasons why dating a Ghanaian lady is worth.

Read our guide to all the reasons why dating someone from Ghana will It won't be long before you're being referred to as 'husband' or 'wife'.

Then, he is most likely to turn his eyes to China, The Philippines, or another Asian country. Alternatively, he simply cannot find a worthy match in his immediate environment but is not particularly keen on the exotic.

In this case, he will probably look for a mail order bride from Central or Eastern Europe. In both cases, gentlemen often overlook the entire continent of Africa, which is undeserved.

Many of us tend to associate Africa with all sorts of unpleasant things that we see in the news: wars, disease outbreaks, droughts and famine, etc. We seldom stop to think that there must also be pleasant and enjoyable things in Africa — such as the picturesque seaside resorts with wonderful weather, the exciting historical sites with stories of old to behold, the big cities with vibrant nightlife, and, of course, the gorgeous African women.

Thankfully, there are countries like the Republic of Ghana that enjoy one of the best economic growth rates in the world and who can boast remarkably peaceful recent history — not only in the context of Africa.

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We may be impressed by their powerful statures, but as for what kind of wives they make — that is left for us to imagine or assume based on scarce evidence. We might assume that they have to adhere to rudimentary traditions of arranged marriages at a young age, that they grow old very fast from hard labor and severe living conditions, that they are deprived of decent education, etc.

While things like that do occur, such stereotypes overall are dramatically outdated. Ghanaians, for example, are no strange to brilliant education: thousands of men and women regularly go to their former metropoly England and study at the best schools there.

As for women, history knows names like Yaa Asantewaa who led the fierce Ashanti rebellion against the English colonial rule at the beginning of the 20th century. Among other names are the women of Ghanaian origin like Breffu and Nanny who led slave uprisings in West India back in the 18th century.

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Even though Ghana is inhabited by several ethnic groups, this characteristic is true for all Ghana women, even those living in the predominantly Islamic northern regions. As you can see, the peoples of Ghana have never experienced patriarchal domination like our Western societies other than the colonial rule. With that said, however, Ghana women are exceptionally devoted mothers.

For generations, Ghana women took pride in taking the best of care of large families with many children.

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For gentlemen interested in Ghana mail order brides, it means that these girls will be able to take the best of care of any number of children you may desire, without neglecting anyone or spreading their love thinly. Childrearing is indeed the first essential duty of a wife, according to Ghana women. It does not, however, exclude other household duties like cooking. This is not the case with sexy Ghana women. Join Now for Free! Are you unsure where to start looking?

After you have created a membership you are allowed to use the site whenever you like, where ever you like. All you need to do is provide the site with some of your basic details such as name, surname, location and an email address for contact purposes.


STDs mostly brought on from male partners. Most husbands divorce their wives after they are diagnosed with illnesses such as breast cancer and so advocates have been campaigning against that. Beatrice Wiafe Addai, research has shown that women recover fast from the ailment when they are supported by their spouse and so husbands have been urged not to abandon their partners suffering from breast cancer.

Also, infertility has caused a lot of divorces and since most times, the men do not want to get tested, the women are blamed whenever there are no children in the marriage. Recently, The Minister of Health Mr Alex Sergbefia, described the 1, annual deaths of Ghanaian women from cervical cancer as alarming and unacceptable. He said every year, 3, women were diagnosed with cervical cancer in Ghana representing 35 per cent of all female cancers. Bad religious practices also target women a lot since the major faiths like Islam and Christianity do not promote female well-being. – Ghanaian dating and singles, Ghanaian women & men from Ghana

Child-marriages, polygamous marriages and forced conversions are a few examples. Marriage, to most men, is like acquiring property since the traditional marriage focuses on buying a list of items for the woman and her family in exchange for her hand in marriage. This makes them feel that the woman belongs to them as property and therefore, she has no rights to her opinion, sexuality or anything else for that matter and a lot of women are subjected to be the cooks, cleaners, and child-raisers.

It cuts across all classes as many women have had to leave their careers, education and livelihood to cater for their husbands and children. Looking at all these issues, most women have had to fall on the comfort of religion and therefore makes them gullible and easy to take advantage of by spiritual leaders. Recently, the Atheist Alliance International conducted a survey among non-male humanists and came up with tips to help boost participation among women in secular groups.

My association has 8 women out of 50 members and 4 of our five-member committee are women. I believe that our male counterparts with their belief and understanding of equality elected us as persons rather than by gender basis and this gives me hope that our humanist society takes feminism seriously and encourages equality among the genders.

Ghana has come a long way in the last 3 decades in terms of equality and there are many more opportunities for women of today. My generation has come to witness a record number of women entrepreneurs of all ages and a lot more women in parliament than ever before. Companies are now proud to have women in each department and even on their boards.

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