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Posted by Anders Nord on Monday, October 07, 2019 55 Comments
Why Ukrainian Men Have Better Game Than American Men

There is an outdated stereotype that Ukrainian men drink too much alcohol, are.

I guess most of them think of Ukrainians as a cheap, easy and pretty target that they can get their hands on. But surely there are men who genuinely fell in love.

Or is it something else? American men are the problem. On the other hand, Ukrainian and Russian, and pretty much all Eastern Europeans are simply indifferent to the attractive women around them.

The problem with American men—and, really, all Western men—is that they give too much validation to women. But a typical American guy worships the woman. He does what she asks, and gives her an unlimited time and attention. The more attention you provide to the woman, the more she realizes that you have nothing else going on in your life and the more her respect for you drops.

Ultimately, validation to a woman is like sex to a man. Ladies are puzzled because of the relevant question of just how to get guys of these fantasies and increasingly fantasy of marrying foreigners. Every Ukrainian girl wants to call home in an attractive and good country. They wish security and a bright future for on their own and kids. They just wish genuine and truthful relationships without lies and falsehood.

Ukrainian girlfriends wish to know that they are liked. They wish to trust their guys. All of this is real if a guy is really a foreigner. That is the reason they love them. Commitment Because of Ukrainian dating culture, these females appreciate a significantrelationship constructed on shared respect and love. They desire their males become pleased and will try everything with this. Relationships with Ukrainians survive because of their commitment. And their capability to love is durable and effective.

Rather than to locate adventures somewhere else, these females Prefer to discuss the nagging problems with their lovers to fix everything together. Ukrainian women can be great chefs This can be the main reason why Slavic for lovers of tasty dishes girlfriends could become their partners.

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They can prepare both and that is traditional exotic meals. Nevertheless they frequently choose their old-fashioned food. They understand how to love their men Love of Ukrainian women is strong, constant, easy, and truthful. They neverbuild close relationships with males without emotions.

Whenever these ladies love, they just take great proper care of lovers. For those intimate and dreamy girls, love is sacred. In case a Ukrainian woman has a relationship, she stays faithful to her partner then for a long period of time if not forever.

This does not signify Ukrainian women have actually just one love for the remainder of the everyday lives, however in basic terms, they choose long-lasting relationships from ab muscles start.

It will be perfect if it can become a wedding which will endure a very long time. Getting married, they will be faithful, dependable and completely specialized in their own families. Nonetheless it can probably be said they are the most useful spouses. They immediately begin to take care of after they become wives their husbands and homes. Strangely enough, however these women that are obstinate exceptional mistresses and caring spouses.

When controling them, you need certainly to immediately explore what exactly is disturbing you. They have been extremely tough to make compromises, have a tendency to set their rules that are own the home and, often, also get past an acceptable limit, totally ignoring the desires and likelihood of their guys. They desire their girls to have patience, delicate, and tender.

They require ladies who will require care of them as a son or daughter, love and become devoted. And Ukrainians are appreciated for several these characteristics. Needless to say, a relationship with A ukrainian woman suggests an easy method from the safe place. But do such relationships constantly end happily?

As it happens that relationships with Ukrainian ladies never have only positive but additionally negative edges. They spend too attention that is much their appearance They selflessly make an effort to look gorgeous. It simply scares. For some of them, life is much like a catwalk, so that they should look amazing also throughout a stroll with your dog. So, a friend of my boyfriend is also Ukrainian and his girlfriend is Ukrainian as well. Their relations are different at least from what I can see.

When we go out somewhere together he does not let his Ukrainian girlfriend make free choice. When she wants to buy chips he may say this is expensive, but will still buy. He does not really care about her opinion, as I may assume. He accepts only what he considers being right and she has little choice. He is much focused on his work and keeping every cent to cent. He is also quite boring as for me.

But he is reliable; you can trust him although it seems to me he is arrogant and selfish.

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His girlfriend is really cute but I am not sure he appreciates that and he just takes it for granted. Sometimes it is fun to be in their company and sometimes not really.

If to judge on appearance he is handsome, tall, has vivid muscles as for years goes to the gym. As you see, Ukrainian guys are different as well. I am happy to be with mine, who loves me sincerely and I feel that. I love him and I really miss him when he is far. I gave you examples of two Ukrainians whom I know personally.

Must say you can draw some general conclusions, but they are still very doubtful as every person has own character, upbringing, sphere of communication, society which surrounds this person, family and many other factors.

So it depends not on country of origin or nationality, but rather from personal features of every particular Ukrainian guy. So, no one but Ukrainian guy, can tell better about wishes and points for life of Ukrainian guy.

Must warn you that it is my personal opinion as Ukrainian guy, but there are thousands and millions of other Ukrainian guys who might either share their points in English or not, or not share at all. So, what I as Ukrainian guy want from life?

I want to be happy and I greatly appreciate when life consists of small things that bring me joy. For example, when I wake up in the morning I would like not to be in hurry, but to observe sunrise and after washing my face in cold water I drink a glass of cold water.

Then I make myself tea. I like to think over what I will do today. I have this list in my head, and I also have written it somewhere on my laptop and even on the paper but I am to lazy to check it.

How my perfect day looks like? With the morning I have described already. Plus… This is the day where I decide what I would like to do. After my morning rituals I usually have inspiration to write an article about lifestyle, self-improvement or about my life experience, for example, about my work in Poland.

I actually like to share my personal experience which might help people to overcome difficulties, achieve their goals, and, maybe will make this World a little bit happier and… better.

After one article I get hungry and have breakfast, but it is already closer to afternoon, so it might be not called breakfast in usual meaning. After breakfast I usually do some stuff on my computer and then, when I get tired of the monitor I take my bicycle and ride over the town heading to the rural field road, then to the forest.

In the forest I relax by making a fire and sometimes cooking something on it, sometimes I take my action camera and shut videos from my short rest on the nature. In the forest I also like to meditate and when I have inspiration I write articles on my smartphone as well.

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Then I have a ride home, take shower and do some other stuff. That is how my perfect day looks like when I am way back home in Ukraine. How the reality looks like for Ukrainian guy? It is because writing articles does not give me much income and it is impossible to survive for such small amount of money in Ukraine until websites get more, much more visitors , although such income is greater than average income in Ukraine.

So, having Polish roots and possibility to assimilate in Poland I have chosen this country for my future life basis. At least now I think so. I hope within the time to earn enough myself, but not to work for someone else. I want this because this could give me great freedom — I could visit my parents and my family in Ukraine I miss not once a year, but when I want. I can visit my lovely forest in Ukraine and ride my bike when I want.

I also could be able traveling — because I like is so much.

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Even now, working in the office, on Friday I often take bus to the mountains and spend two days there, getting rejuvenated and coming back on Sunday evening to the city. This gives me much more satisfaction than drinking beer in some stinky bar with weird people. So, I like to travel, but now I am limited in budget and also limited in time and the last point upsets me the most.

I will say I tired, and I did. But in Poland it assumes working for 12 hours per day. I was working for 14 hours per day almost without days-off in Polish Beskid Mountains on the ski resort. It was season work, it was kind of hard, but not that much I would say and I earned pretty good money there for 3 months.

It gave me possibility to travel a little and to spend some time in Ukraine developing my projects.

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