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Liberty university dating rules

Posted by Anders Nord on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 87 Comments
Liberty students ask university to relax rules involving alcohol | WSET

This Code of Conduct, an expression of the values inherent in our Doctrinal Statement, defines the rules and principles by which our community functions.

Liberty University is a school with plenty of restrictions set upon students activities that most other schools do not enforce. The rules do not allow students in a.

I write this not as a means of demeaning the value of your experiences and love for the institution — I respect you and consider all of these things tremendously sacred. This was my new normal. This was my new home. Everything was changing, and I was floored. At the time, my future was as bright as the light of evangelicalism shining deep inside me. The promise of the largest evangelical Christian university in the world was immense, and I was in every way expectant for what I could learn, experience, and the connections I would build throughout my education.

Having been raised in traditional Lutheran schools, this was my promised land. I grew up in a conservative Assemblies of God family with loving, gracious parents and two beautiful younger sisters. With this as my frame of reference, Liberty seemed to me the shining city on a hill into which years of pent-up liturgical angst swiftly propelled me.

It was big, it was loud, and it was modern. Initial homesickness aside, to say I loved it would be a profound understatement. Liberty was everything I had wanted it to be and more. The first major blow to my optimism came on December 4th, We laughed.

We clapped. We celebrated. Yet much of the student body appeared to relish in it. Any public opposition fed the narrative. As all of this was happening, an internal war was being waged over my sexuality. This was a form of coming out, though it made clear I was not affirming myself as a gay man.

It offered the vague but hopeful assertion I could have a future relationship with a woman.

Busting myths about Liberty University – Trojan Messenger

As you may already know, this internal tension between what I believed and what I was experiencing began to rip me apart, plunging me into one of the most difficult seasons of my life.

As the spring of dragged on with a sizable serving of emotional volatility, I became the saddest I had ever been, certainly a first brush with what had hitherto been a foreign concept: depression. Thanks to a recent heartbreak, no longer was the abstract idea of lifelong loneliness a mild source of discontent in me; it was now at the forefront of my mind, forcing me to confront the devastating reality that my theology and that of my community would never allow me the freedom to be with a man I truly loved.

For a time, I found solace in the words of fellow gay Christians who had committed themselves to celibacy.

Liberty students ask university to relax rules involving alcohol | WSET

I also found my community at Liberty to be wonderful in providing some reprieve from my struggles. Friends embraced me, prayed for me, listened to me process my feelings, and supported me through a genuinely dark time. I had become more politically progressive, engaging in fun and sometimes difficult conversations around big topics that seemed of interest to me.

My emotional state at the time lent itself towards a greater empathy that would stay with me and develop my positions on a number of social and humanitarian issues. My own fractured heart enabled me to see the damage wrought every day in the name of ideals I had never questioned. Through my shift in paradigm, I observed the harshness of the conservatism I had known, and as it was trampled underfoot by the lunacy of the Presidential Campaign, I saw the tribalism surrounding me as symptomatic of deeper systemic issues.

Everything was grounded in and around fiscal, social, and theological conservatism. If there is anything central to the heartbeat of Liberty University, it is conservatism. This is certainly not universally true of its students or faculty, and I would never assert that to be the case.

It was hard enough working through an ideological evolution into political progressivism in this environment. I became increasingly anxious during Convocation, frustrated with the intellectual dishonesty and rampant militant partisanship displayed on stage. I've always assumed that college students and freewheeling social climates went hand-in-hand, but most of the students I met were thankful for Liberty's rules.

I still don't consider myself an evangelical Christian, but I can understand now what millions of Christian college students see in faith-based education, and why Liberty's enrollment has grown at a rate that few colleges, secular or religious, have ever matched.

Since the book came out, I've taken some heat from people who have argued that, by going to Liberty with an open mind, I was turning a blind eye to intolerance - or worse, that I'd been brainwashed by my time under Rev. Falwell's tutelage.

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But no community is all bad, and to dismiss Liberty as a place of wall-to-wall insanity is to reduce it, and the evangelical movement that birthed it, to a lazy caricature. I still disagree with a lot of the values Liberty stands for, but seeing the human faces on the other side of the American culture wars made me question my own assumptions and realize that, in some ways, I had just as much to learn about tolerance as the most hard-line fundamentalist.

We can all be surprised by our ideological opponents. We just have to give them a chance. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Liberty has recently been accredited for its success in the law school and school of business. While most schools challenge its students academically, Liberty challenges its students academically and spiritually. Your professors want to challenge you to prepare you for success, and also pray for you and get to know you on a deeper level in order to grow you spiritually.

We are all judgmental Just because the school holds certain views does not by any means mean that we judge anyone whose beliefs differ with ours.

5 Rules from my Semester at America's Holiest University | Mental Floss

Liberty is a school based upon and rooted in Christianity and Conservatism. But just because the beliefs that Liberty holds may be different from others does not mean that we have a right to judge them. However, we do hold the right to disagree. I cannot speak on behalf of the whole student body, but as a Christian school, it would be against Biblical principles to judge anyone else.

To those who have been judged by people of Liberty, I am truly sorry - that is not what the school is based on. Liberty is also open to hearing different view points, for example, when the school invited Bernie Sanders to speak. Liberty University is a school that wants to produce students who share the love of Christ to one another despite differences.

Hopefully this article was able to give you a little glimpse of what Liberty University looks like and was able to clear some air as to what is truth and what is false. Liberty University is a school that does its best to produce students who are successful academically, morally, and spiritually.

Yes, it is unique and different from your average school, but I am fully convinced that Liberty students are able to enjoy themselves the most because of the safe, clean, and moralistic environment that Liberty does its best to maintain. Cover Image Credit: Liberty.

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