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Quotes about dating your wife

Posted by Anders Nord on Wednesday, October 09, 2019 32 Comments
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10 Reasons to Keep Dating Your Spouse! this isba list of funny spuses quotes told by famouse grow as a family grow as a couple Couple Quotes, Quotes For.

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Here are married man: 1, taken from funny quotes.

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Dating online dating girls in inspirational and let god bless. When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible. You want to embark on a beautiful journey as soon as you can, without wasting a second. It takes love, respect, trust, understanding, friendship, and faith in your relationship to make it last.

Indeed, a marriage cannot go on by itself. This is why you should stand true to all the promises and turn those promises into reality.

You cannot make your marriage all good by yourself! But you can make it better all by yourself. Image: iStock It requires two people to love, to laugh, to share sorrows and joys, and to support. If you take it upon yourself to make the relationship work better, the relationship grows ten-folds. Marriage is not , divorce is Marriage is about sharing your joys and sorrows. It is about standing together and working as a team. This is what a marriage is made of. If you know how to share and love, you would never have to divide.

Learn to share and increase the love. I vow to always love you, even during the football season! Yes, we all have our favorites and to many spouses, it is the football season.

The most successful marriages are those where both husband and wife seek to build the self-esteem of the other. Many a time, failures push us down and leave us miserable. We lose our self-esteem and self-respect and discontinue to believe in ourselves.

This is when a few positive words from the spouse can do wonders. Uplifting them and making them happy would rekindle their self-worth and increase their faith in you. Image: Shutterstock Everyone is a wee bit different from the other. And not just in the physical make but also in the mental.

These changes could make us stand against one another. But a marriage is about letting those differences get overshadowed by overwhelming love and care.

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Sounds like the perfect recipe for marriage, right? A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, with the same person. Yes, age brings a plethora of responsibilities and we ought to take care of those. But a little time out for your loved one will always end up giving the relationship a boost, resulting in everlasting love and happiness.

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A happy marriage is the union of two forgivers. But both you and your spouse would have to make a conscious effort. The greatest marriages are built on teamwork, a mutual respect, a healthy dose of admiration, and a never-ending portion of love and grace.

When the foundations are strong, no amount of damage can break that particular thing. Such should be a marriage too. You and your spouse should be a team working towards constantly uplifting, supporting, and respecting each other.

Throw in a lot of love and you have the best marriage ever. Make your marriage your own. Work to shape your marriage so that it is satisfying for both of you. Image: iStock People are different and so would their marriages be.

Some may have a few things more than your marriage, and others a few things less. Remember how your relationship started with your spouse? With a spark, right? That spark can be there throughout your marriage. Being romantic and naughty spices up things. Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction. It not only deepens your understanding but also opens up your mind to have a broader perspective about things.

Real couples stay faithful. Trust is the most important ingredient in a marriage. You breach that and the relationship is damaged beyond repair. In fact, you do not have the urge to look at anybody else when you are so deeply in love with your spouse. Image: iStock A storm is always followed by calm.

And if you understand this, you would know that if your marriage is going through a tough phase, that phase will end soon and with it will come peace.

Couples who see each other at their worst know when to avoid something similar again. And this is what makes them last longer and leaves the relationship stronger. Two souls but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.

Marriage is indeed the union of mind and body. When you unite in love, nothing can break you apart. Marriage is a love story that never ends. Image: iStock And how well it goes is up to you. You are the protagonist in the story and you are supposed to keep it going. So, make a love story the world watches with awe. The fine distinctions "What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are but how you deal with incompatibility.

Either way, you win "Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.

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The best kind "A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short. Because we're all ever-changing "Love isn't a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now

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