How to cook a delicious cafe

Millions of people worldwide begin their morning with a Cup of coffee. Someone drinking soluble, but the true connoisseurs of this drink recognize only natural fresh ground coffee.

However, in order to get a really refined taste and aroma, you need to know a few rules of coffee making.

So,10 tips for making a delicious coffee:

1) Coffee beans.

Prefer coffee bean, and not molotow. The drink will be more fragrant.

Find the perfect grind. The taste of the drink varies a lot depending on the grind. Some people like smaller, someone larger, it all depends on taste. Experiment.

3) Clean water.

For the perfect drink requires clean water. Tap water in this case is not suitable.

4) Turk with a narrow neck.

For a more fragrant and delicious coffee is better to use Turku with a narrow neck.

Sugar add to taste, it is preferable to use brown sugar.

Add a little salt, just a couple of small crystals. Salt should not be felt in the drink, but in such tiny amounts it enhances and emphasizes the taste of coffee.

As salt, just a little bit, to enhance the flavour. Try it, you will notice the difference. And another question – ginger, and salt, should add to the water.

8) take your time.

Coffee in Turku you need to cook on the fire. How do you not hurry, do not ignore this rule. Really good coffee is brewed for a long time.

9) do Not allow to boil coffee.

In no case do not let boil coffee. It is perhaps one of the most important rules. Under a thin crust formed on the surface of the drink builds up the entire flavor. Therefore, if allowed to collapse, all the flavor is gone, and the coffee will be spoiled.

Once the crust starts to rise rapidly ,you should remove the pot, wait a minute, then back into the fire. Repeat it three times. After the third time your fragrant delicious coffee is ready. But do not just drink it

10) Let stand.

Tenth our advice is to give the drink a bit to settle .

Well, that’s all. Master class for the preparation of coffee is finished.

Enjoy your coffee drink!

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