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How to brew coffee in Turku

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Life consists of good moments, daily rituals, in which a person puts he slave sense. A good Cup of coffee in quiet after the bustle of the day, can literally add strength and to get my thoughts in order.

Coffee brewed in Turku, has a special aroma. His drink thoughtfully, savoring every drop.

What it takes to make a Cup of coffee?

The Turk, or cezve. Turk needs to warm up evenly, so the best materials – they are brass and bronze. From traditional – clay and ceramics. Clay has the property of “remember” the taste of coffee, so not suitable for the preparation of beverages from different varieties. Ceramics requires careful handling, easy to crack.

The walls, the Turks should be thick. These heat up slower. So drink longer absorbs the aroma and taste of ground beans.

The Turk must have a narrow neck, which is intended to occlude the aroma of coffee under the foam. Better to take cezve with a long handle so that manipulation over the stove did not deliver inconveniences.

Coffee. Ready ground coffee will quickly lose flavor, so it is preferable to grind the grain before cooking. Leftovers stored in the freezer, tightly wrapped. Only tests can determine the ideal coffee.

Water. Water quality affects the taste of coffee. Fit the sump, filtered tap or bottled, definitely not boiled. The colder the water the better.

Spices, sugar, salt. Ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom added to taste. The same way as sugar. If coffee is made with sugar, it is better to put it in Turku during cooking. Pinch of salt gives the drink a distinct taste.

How to brew coffee in Turku with your own hands?

Turku slightly warm.

Fill coffee (heaping teaspoon per Cup). Add spices, sugar.

Again to warm up.

Pour cold water up to the narrow neck, stir with a spoon.

To put Turku on the smallest fire.

At this time, pour in a Cup of boiling water that they absorbed the heat.

Stir gently for coffee, the resulting foam to shift into the empty Cup. Repeat several times.

When coffee begins to rise, it is important to catch the moment and remove it from heat to boiling.

Wait until the coffee has cooled, repeat the procedure, not boiling.

Coffee grounds will settle, if you add a little cold water or gently knock a Turk about solid surface.

Flavored coffee is ready. A Cup of this invigorating drink can do wonders even with the most tired person.

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