How to brew coffee in Turku

How to brew coffee in Turku? Review

Many of us start your day with a Cup of coffee. Someone still half asleep and presses the button on the coffee machine, some are making coffee in a mug, and someone making coffee in the Turk. For fans to open their eyes in the morning with the help of coffee it should be noted that Turkish coffee is stronger.”

Turkish coffee pot (cezve, wine) – a thick-walled vessel with a narrow neck, which came to us from the East, together with a method of preparing


So, how to cook Turkish coffee?

What a ridiculous question, – will answer coffee lovers, – take Turku, put coffee, pour water, put on the fire and wait until it boils. It turns out, all is not so simple. Coffee can be spoiled in many ways, says Sergey Dorokhov, certified Barista and a taster, judge and organizer coffee Championships with a wealth of experience, co-owner of coffee Cascara, as well as our Advisor on coffee matters.

Our mission – prepare a delicious and refreshing drink that will not spoil our mood, but rather to elevate it and make our day pleasant in the morning.

It all starts with the grind . It is desirable to use freshly ground coffee, otherwise you risk losing more than half of the aroma of coffee and other qualities. So buy coffee beans and grind them yourself in a coffee grinder or ask you to grind in a coffee shop where you usually buy coffee. For the Turks need a very small uniform grind, what is called “in the dust”. More uniform the particle size, the more balanced you will get the taste of the drink. It is therefore very important good coffee grinder.

For Turkish coffee should not use grain, roasted for espresso (and it is the most beans or ground coffee in supermarkets), the taste of the coffee may suffer greatly.

The cezve should be made of thick metal with a good uniform thermal conductivity. Traditional cezve is made of wrought copper, inside is covered with a protective layer of metal.

Pour coffee in Turku at the rate of 7 grams of coffee per 100 ml of water. Coffee in Turku default is brewed with sugar and cinnamon, so add 5 g of sugar and a slice of cinnamon sticks (sticks preferable ground cinnamon, as it retains much more flavor than the powder).

Coffee powder and sugar can be mixed so that the sugar didn’t caramelicious and did not spoil the taste of coffee. Gently a thin stream pour cold water so that no air bubbles remained.

Professionals know now and you will learn that extraction (brewing) coffee begins at the moment of its contact with water, and the longer the extraction, the more desired substances from the coffee gets into the water, the darker the drink you get. Therefore, coffee in Turku is better to pour cold, not hot water. Hot water is only justified if you have very little time and you want to speed up the process. Water poured up to the narrowest point in the neck of the Turks to the top still left place for foam.

Next put Turku on fire. The more evenly heated Turk, the better for drink. In the East, where we got this kind of coffee, it is cooked in hot sand. The cezve is immersed in the sand and this provides uniform heating. At home you can use sea sand is poured into an old pan or pot, heated on the fire, or sand mixed with charcoal in the grill. On the gas stove for a more uniform flame you can use the divider.

When foam rises, Turku remove from heat. To boil coffee in the East is not possible. Nor in the process of cooking or coffee later in any case it is not necessary to stir, so as not to damage the foam on top, which is the natural cover for beverage and does not allow to evaporate all the substances that we want to extract from coffee beans.

Pour coffee into a Cup and drink. If we want to Turku to split into 2 or more cups, you will need some skill in order coffee foam got equally each Cup.


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