How to brew coffee in Turku

How to brew coffee in Turku

Coffee is not accidentally called “the drink of the wise men: moderate its consumption enhances cognitive abilities and resistance to stress. A Cup of coffee in the morning. especially prepared with all knowledge, able to give a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

Experts say that this coffee is one that is brewed in Turku (or cezve).

How to brew coffee in Turku: the secrets of the craft

There is nothing complicated: you’ll need the Turk (a small vessel with wide bottom and narrow neck), good coffee, preferably freshly ground, stove and cold water. And a few minutes of free time: cooking real coffee needs attention, they should not do “casually”. To brew coffee in the Eastern need to simmer.

And finally, most importantly – choose good coffee. From bad coffee beans will not make a good drink, no matter how well you knew how to brew coffee in Turku. Better if the grain will be finer grind: coffee in Turku is preparing for long, and within a short time of grain must give the drink its full flavour.

How to brew coffee in Turku: the stages of preparation

To help coffee beans to open, slightly warm Turku before cooking.

In a pre-heated Turku pour coffee from the calculation heaped teaspoon of 100-150 ml of the drink, add sugar, cardamom, anise or cinnamon to taste. For a milder tasting coffee you can add a small pinch of salt.

Pour coffee water. Water should be poured so that it reaches the narrowest point of the neck of the Turks: thus it ensures minimal contact with the air, thus preserving the taste and aroma of the drink.

Heat the drink on low heat to form a foam, and then let the skin maximally to rise and remove the drink from the fire. You must not allow rapid boiling coffee and the destruction of foams.

Pour the drink into a pre-heated cups: cups should get more foam and less thick.

The sediment has settled to the bottom and not hit the Cup, it allows you to knock a Turk about the table. You can also add in a ready-made coffee a little cold water.

Copper Turks

Safety: do not place empty Turku on fire, it can deteriorate, for example, will loose the connection of the handle with the container. Even if the fire you put Turku with water, but then got distracted and forgot about cezve, the water boiled out, and the walls cezve lose their protective properties. Do not allow direct contact of fire on the handle and at the junction of the handle with the container.


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