How to choose and properly prepare good coffee.

How to choose and properly prepare good coffee. How to make coffee. The coffee-based cocktails

Coffee – how to choose and properly prepare good coffee

How to choose coffee.

Today the market offers us a huge selection of all sorts of coffees and different degrees of Amarok. And now we’ll look at how to choose the best

quality product.

1 First of all, when choosing coffee, you need to pay attention to its aroma. Many coffee packaging is equipped with a special valve, through which, when you tap the package, you can smell the aroma of the coffee. The aroma should be strong and pleasant.

2 When choosing a coffee note on the date of roasting on the shelf life. GOST coffee can have a shelf life up to 18 months, but he will no longer be fresh. If the package contains a shelf life of 3 months – this coffee has the status of the freshly roasted.

3 Next, pay attention to the grain. Grain should be smooth without any defects.

4 Pay attention to the roast. Roasting should be uniform and the color of all of coffee beans should be about the same. Not the same color of the grains suggests that for this batch of coffee bean were collected not only the ripest and everything, so as not ripe, green berries are not cooked through.

5 Now turn our attention to the degree of roasting. Basic levels of roasting all 4 is 1 Light, 2 Medium, 3-Dark and I 4-I of the Higher roasting. Grain light roast has a light tone and with such roasting it almost loses its own weight, consequently the coffee is not as fragrant and after brewing it will not give us the maximum of all its aromatic and flavor options. Medium roast is the best roast, as it allows you to maximize the drink all taste and aromatic options. Coffee dark roast visually a bit darker than average. With this roasting the grain acquires a slight bitterness that many people love and just looking for her in the coffee beverage. Higher (Italian) roast is the darkest roast coffee.

Coffee preparation.

There are several basic ways to brew coffee on the East, in a French press, the coffee maker and pouring in the Express car. For each method of preparation is necessary for grinding. Coffee on the East the necessary grind to dust, that is the fine grinding. For making coffee in a French press is needed the most coarse grinding. Coffee in the coffee maker, you need a slightly finer grind than for some in a French press.

Cooking coffee “East” is the oldest way of making coffee to our days he came in almost original form. And so, in order to make coffee in this way, we need the Turk and quartz sand, which will serve as a source of heat (in the absence of sand coffee can be prepared in a conventional oven). To prepare one serving of the drink, we need 7-8 grams(about 2 teaspoons with a small hill) the coffee fine grind (in the dust). Poured coffee in Turku, pour 80ml of water and mix thoroughly with a spoon, so there were no lumps. Then put Turku on a heated silica sand is desirable that the Turk was to the brim submerged in the sand. It now remains only to wait, when the coffee heats up and becomes a little rise foam – the most important thing is not to give coffee to boil, that is, as soon as he starts to climb a small foam must be removed Turku from the heat source. After the first time began to rise foam, you need to remove the pot from the source of heat and let cool a little drink. Next, we put Turku on the sand – this time need to be more careful, since the foam will begin to rise very quickly, and we do not in any case impossible to give coffee to boil, after the boil it will become less flavorful and will lose many palatability. Thus, you can brew coffee and 2-3 more times – the more times you brew coffee this way, the more caffeine goes into the drink and he becomes stronger. Next, give the drink a little brew that settled the coffee grounds and pouring by the glass – coffee et ready!

Making coffee in a French press. French press is a coffee pot to the dewatering type. Brewing coffee in this way, the necessary coarse grinding grain. Pour ground coffee into the coffee pot and pour with hot water, but not in any way with boiling water (after boiling water let it cool for 1-2 minutes – this water can be poured coffee)! Before you close the French press lid thoroughly mix the coffee with water that there was not a single lump. Next, close the plunger cover plunger and give it brew for 4-5 minutes. Then, holding the lid of the French press, smoothly lower the piston. The coffee is ready!

The coffee-based cocktails.

1 “wild cherry”

Ingredients: Frozen cherries – 100g, Cherry juice – 100ml, Ice, espresso 40ml, Sugar – 30g.

Preparation: all the ingredients are mixed in a shaker and poured into cups.

Ingredients: Ice Cream 11% – 80ml, espresso – 30ml, Whipped cream.

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