How to cook a delicious cafe

Today on the blog article for lovers of coffee – instant coffee lovers. I understand that real coffee may not be instant, but I also know that many, many instant beverage loved and enjoyed. So it’s best not to argue whose coffee is better, and just accept as a given.

Do you know how many coffee recipes exist? It turns out that very much.

Today you will learn how to prepare tasty coffee in a variety of ways.

Iced coffee

This coffee is ideal in hot weather, because it can serve cold.

The recipe made 1 serving tasty drink.

You will need:

Ice cream (vanilla, coffee, chocolate) – 50 grams

sugar or sugar syrup – to taste

cinnamon – to taste.


Heat up a porcelain mug with a volume of 250 ml.

Stir one teaspoon of instant coffee in hot water. Water should be 25 ml. Then add water to about 150 grams.

If you want you can add sugar or syrup.

In the already prepared coffee to add a serving of ice cream.

Now we have all heard the seemingly new kind of coffee green. Actually it’s the same sort of black coffee, prepared without heat treatment. Therefore, it retains all the nutrients and vitamins. Residents of Brazil, where we put the coffee on, have long been drinking green coffee. In green coffee contains substances that help burn fat in the body. It improves metabolism, revitalizes and rejuvenates the body.

However, you can use the extract of green coffee . It is a concentrate, which contains all the nutrients of green coffee, but in a more concentrated form. It’s totally natural Supplement.

And I continue to acquaint you with how to cook a delicious instant coffee.

Instant decaffeinated coffee

You will need:

Chilled decaffeinated coffee or two cups,

pre-cooked chilled cocoa – two cups,

cream 30% fat to taste,

ice cream vanilla – to taste

sugar – to taste

cream – 4 pieces.


As is clear, you need to prepare two cups of coffee without sugar and two cups of cocoa on the water without sugar. Leave to cool slightly.

While the drinks are cooling, whip the cream to a froth. But to prevent the formation of oil.

All drinks to combine, adding the taste of sugar. Mix.

Add into each ramekin on a scoop of ice cream.

Over ice cream pour the remaining mixture of coffee and cocoa.

Add on top of the whipped cream.

Optionally, in each scoop of ice cream you can stick biscuit or wafer.

Instant coffee in Russian

You will need:

Instant coffee – 2,5-teaspoon,


Instant coffee combine with chocolate syrup and RUB to a lather. The mixture will be homogeneous.

Chocolate grind into major chips on a grater, and then sprinkle the shavings the beverage.

Russian-style coffee is ready.

Coffee spicy

The flow of products into 2 portions.

You will need:

Instant coffee – one teaspoon,

boiling water – 250 ml

carnation – two or three cloves,

cumin – one pinch

sugar – to taste

carrot juice – one or two tea spoon.


To prepare spicy coffee to start with spices. Cloves to grind.

Preheat a small frying pan and put the cloves and cumin. Fry the spices on a slow fire two or three minutes.

Then pour into the pan with the spices instant coffee powder and keep frying for a few seconds, stirring.

Thereafter, the mixture was immediately poured in a couple casecheck, immediately pour boiling water.

In conclusion, to pour into each Cup incomplete teaspoon of carrot juice and granulated sugar. Mix.

Spicy coffee ready

Coffee with nuts and brandy

Ingredients makes one serving.

You will need:

Instant coffee one teaspoon,

brandy – one tablespoon,

the hot cocoa one Cup,

grated nutmeg one pinch


Then pour into a Cup one tea spoon of coffee. Pour in a Cup of just brewed cocoa and brandy.

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