How to cook Cove

A Cup of coffee for many has become a prerequisite morning awakening. Without bitter taste and invigorating aroma day may simply not be saladita.

Gourmets say that coffee has a soul, and in its preparation is important to preserve it. the “Soul” of coffee is the aroma, taste and aftertaste. To “kill” drink, you should follow certain rules.

Store grain in a dry and cool place, protected from foreign odors.

There is a special kind of coffee, which from long storage has a light specific odor of smoke. However, the conventional coffee has a short shelf life. For example, ground coffee quickly loses its smell, so brew it better. To recommend roasting beans directly before brewing.

Some prefer fine grinding, because it helps the flavor to unfold fully. The importance of the utensils, which prepare the drink. Turks can be of different sizes but always have the same shape: narrow top, wide bottom and a long handle. The best coffee is in a copper cezve with silver inner coating. Portion to determine just – on the bottom of the Turks must be a figure indicating the number of cups.

Water to drink is to choose as smooth as possible. And a small pinch of salt or cocoa will help improve the aroma of coffee.

How to make coffee in the East?

1) Lightly heat the empty Turku.

2) Remove the pot, pour coffee (2 teaspoons with the top of the ground coffee for 100 – 150 grams of water)

3) you Can add sugar to taste.

4) Pour cold water up to the narrowest part of the neck. In this case, the contact with air is minimal, and so, most of the aroma will stay.

5) make coffee on a slow fire.

6) When on the surface will begin to form specific beanie watch carefully that no froth. The difficulty is that the need to delay the time of boiling, under this “cap” to store the main flavour and aroma of the drink. If it breaks, will it affect coffee quality.

7) Carefully remove the pot, let ’s cap” to settle. Then again put on fire. Repeat the manipulation of the one or two times.

Of course, not everyone in the morning is the time to correct brew coffee, however, the process of brewing can be a special morning ritual that helps to awaken to a new day.

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