How to make coffee in Turku

How to brew coffee in Turku

Coffee is made from roasted and ground coffee beans. How to properly brew coffee there are already a lot of information. In this recipe, I would like to share not only the right but simple way of cooking coffee. For this You need a Turk and already ground coffee . The grind should be for the Turks is the thin (small) grinding of all .

The ingredients for brewing:

How to make coffee:

First, put in Turku required quantity of ground coffee and sugar. I don’t like very strong coffee, so I put one heaping teaspoon of ground coffee per 100 grams of water.

Turku is desirable to choose this size, so when filling the necessary quantity of water it was filled to the bottleneck. It’s more convenient to control the process of boiling.

Add in Turku cold water. If You want to cook a different amount of coffee, in order to measure out the required amount of water, pour it first into a mug and then to Turku.

Stir the contents of the Turks spoon. If You are going to brew coffee in Turku often, it is advisable to acquire a special spoon with a long handle . It is very convenient, as this spoon is not very hot, and most importantly long enough not to drown in Turka.

Put Turku on the burner and turn on high.

Now you need to watch coffee and listen to the sound of water heated.

The main thing in a properly brewed coffee is not to bring the drink to a boil.

When the foam begins to rise, and the noise of the heating water will begin to subside, you must remove the pot from heat and wait about 5 minutes until the coffee cools it a little. Stir coffee in Turku in order to get a richer taste.

Plate at this time it is desirable to turn off (especially if You have an electric stove) so that the burners are not overheating.

After coffee in Turku cool a little and rises again, put it on the burner and turn it on medium heat.

Repeat step heating and steeping 1-2.

Pour properly brewed coffee mugs and enjoy a delicious and aromatic drink.

Now You know how to brew coffee in Turku . How do You brew coffee in Turku?

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