How to make coffee in Turku

How to brew coffee in Turku

Most residents of modern cities is rarely the question arises, how to prepare coffee Turk. Because almost every home, office and even on the streets eating machines to brew this drink. So recipes coffee in Turku now known only to a few fans.

You will need:

Water – 60 g;

Fine ground coffee – 1 teaspoon;

Sugar, spices to taste.

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In our hectic pace of life on account literally every minute. And they have to save on everything, even on food and beverages. Instant porridge and purees, prepared sandwiches, packet tea… Because of that, people who know how to brew coffee in Turku, cause youth involuntary respect. After tasting ready to drink, they feel a burning desire to learn how to do it as well.

Not surprisingly, only in a cezve (also known as Turku) it turns out really dense, fragrant and strong. In it in full retains all the aromatic and flavoring substances. Besides, who wouldn’t want to impress their partners, showing himself a real foodie?


There are different recipes for coffee in the Turk, but they all have some basic common rules. Let’s start with milled grains .

It needs to be very small, or, as we say, thin. So he is fully revealed during cooking.

Water should not be simply drawn from the tap or boiled. Experts advise taking a good bottled or thoroughly cleansed. Plus it must be very, very cold.

To make coffee carefully, that in no case do not boil . otherwise, some substances will simply evaporate out of the drink. And better if you do it with good humor or at least with positive thoughts.

You can now go directly to the process. To start is to cook Turkish coffee. The second name of the method – in the East. Perhaps this is the most popular recipe, how to brew coffee in Turku. This is best done on a gas stove, but electric included in the average power. In cezve put a pinch of salt, ground coffee beans, if desired spices (cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, anise, etc.).

Heat them on the fire for about 20-30 seconds, gently shaking Turku.

Pour in cold water. Replenish the dishes do not completely stop at the narrow neck.

Cezve put on the stove and wait for the appearance of stable foam. Nowhere to go, remember that the preparation of coffee in Turku require your constant presence in the kitchen. Once the foam has risen almost to the edge of the vessel, remove it from the heat.

Mix the foam with a spoon with a long handle and put on the fire – cooking continues. Be very careful – the second and third time the foam rises rapidly. When she reaches the edge of the Turks, move it to the side or lift up.

Slightly shaking cezve, wait for the foam falling off and once again warm coffee. Now the stove can be turned off and do the table setting.

Let this method of cooking requires attention and some time, the result will pleasantly surprise you. Of course, you can brew coffee in Turku, as the tea in the pot, but then the drink will be much more simple taste. Become truly delicious and flavorful it will only help this unhurried cooking on the fire.


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