How to make coffee in Turku


How to make coffee in Turku

Ainagul Gabdullina. Tea and coffee

For most people, coffee is considered an indispensable attribute of the beginning of a new day. But the whole process for the preparation of the drink is to pour the

instant coffee and sugar in a Cup and pour boiling water. And how to properly and tasty brew coffee in Turku, unfortunately, many do not even realize.

To make a delicious coffee in the Turk should take advantage of this simple object. It would be better if you take a copper vessel. Copper quickly heats up and long keeps the collected heat, and the drink is tastier than cooked in a conventional utensils.

You can prepare a delicious beverage on any ring, be it gas or ceramic. But the main condition is the principle of heating. The process must be very slow as possible.

And the most amazing drink, thick, thick film, is one that is prepared when a Turk or a cezve, as it is called in Turkey, is placed in a hot sand and heat of the subject comes from all possible sides.

Features cooking

A boiling drink does not bear any value, changes the taste, flavor is lost.

Coffee beans must be purchased in specialized shops. There you can choose the kind of coffee which you like. But most important, the beans were freshly roasted, identical in shape and color . The French say: “Boiling coffee kills” that in fact that is exactly what happens.

To make flavored coffee, you should use the “correct” of water. Water can be the following:

boiled water;

bottled water;

filtered water.

Cooking instructions

So, to properly prepare tasty coffee in Turku, you must use the following instruction:

You need to fill in a vessel of finely ground coffee. A Cup with a capacity of 50 ml is required 4 grams coffee powder. This will be approximately 1 heaping teaspoon.

If you want to get a sweet drink, the sugar should be put simultaneously with the powder.

Now is the time to pour in Turku water, but she must be cold!

Following the previous procedure, the Turk is on a very slow flame, or placed in the sand. During the time spent on the stove coffee can interfere only once. It remains to wait until the coffee has warmed and the surface forms a light foam. As soon as she will be on the rise around the edges of cookware, you should immediately remove the pot from the heat, in order to prevent further boiling.

And to please his household, culinary skills, to coffee you can serve cheesecakes. Dispensing the prepared beverage cups need to try to keep the foam formed. Because it has a lot of aromatic and gustatory qualities. For connoisseurs and gourmets is a very valuable item.


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