How to make perfect coffee

How to cook the perfect coffee?

From what does the coffee taste?

First of all, you need to choose a coffee grinding. It allows the grains to fully expand and release their flavor during cooking coffee. The finer the grind, the stronger,

and therefore tastier and more aromatic drink. It can be concluded that better coffee grind almost to dust, but, alas, then it will not brew espresso machines, here technology is such that the finer the powder, the harder the water goes through it.

If You love coffee in the Eastern, more suited to fine grinding. Hence the tradition of the Turks, Greeks, Armenians and Arabs to grind the coffee as flour. Grinding suitable for larger so-called Neapolitan rotating machines. Coffee medium grind suitable for different methods of welding. Coffee coarse grind is more suitable for brewing in a French press. By the way, do not forget that the quality of ground coffee deteriorates very quickly, so it’s best to grind as much coffee as you need at once.

Next, you should pay attention to the degree of roasting coffee. Roasting coffee – one of the most important steps in making coffee is unmatched in the drink. In the process of roasting under the influence of high temperature (200° – 230°) coffee beans change color, increase by 40-50% in volume, at the same time losing due to moisture 15-20% of its mass. From the same beans in the frying process can be obtained completely different coffee taste.

There are several variants of roasting coffee beans:

“Viennese roast” – the average degree of roast. Distinguished by a dark color of the grain (chocolate brown) and a more active selection of essential oils that infuses luxury coffee flavors. Taste – rich and slightly sweet. To drink a coffee at any time of the day!

«French roast” – a strong degree of roast. Grains turn dark brown and begin to Shine from abundant oils. When making turns dark drink with a distinct bitterness.

“Italian roast” is the dark roast. Grain colour dark brown, passing into blackish-brown, the grain surface is slightly oily. The taste is very expressive, with bitterness, nice. This drink coffee black, with cream, over lunch or in the afternoon.

Each coffee has its own level of roasting, which completely reveals the fullness of its taste. The scale ranges from 1 to 5. For example, Paulig Classic has an average level – 3. With increasing degree of roasting increases the bitter taste palette component and decreases the acid. Scale roasting Paulig from 1 (light) to 5 (very dark) are indicated on each package. Find coffee with the level of roast that is right for You.

Today, there are seven main ways to brew coffee . Eastern (in Turkish), in Polish, geyser coffee maker (Moka), filter coffee maker, vacuum coffee maker, French press and espresso machine. Almost all of these methods are found in coffee shops, although the most popular are, of course, espresso and Turk.

Turk: brewing in the East

Brewing coffee in the Turk – this is the easiest and also the most ancient way of brewing coffee. We recommend you to use Paulig products with a special grind for the Turks.

Brewing in Polish

A very simple way of making coffee: 2 teaspoons of coffee put in the most ordinary (but pre-warmed) Cup, pour 100 ml of boiling water, cover with a saucer and allow to infuse for 2-3 minutes. This method of cooking is considered a home .

Geyser (percolation) coffee

The main feature of this coffee maker is that the coffee is brewed by repeatedly passing hot water or steam through the ground coffee. It is believed that the preparation of coffee in the coffee machine geyser – that way home, so in coffee shops and restaurants, it’s almost common.

Filtration coffee

It turns out that back in 1800 by the Paris Archbishop Jean-Baptiste de Belloy invented the so-called drip coffee, which is a widespread type of coffee filtration type. The grind here is required larger than for espresso.

Vacuum coffee maker

Vacuum coffee maker, which is reminiscent of the alchemists retort, was invented in 1840 by a Scottish marine engineer Robert Napier. Today vacuum method of brewing is considered to be quite exotic and therefore extremely rare.

Plunger (piston machine)

It is a French press, not an espresso machine, traditionally used for brewing expensive high-quality coffee. Brew coffee in a French press many coffee shops.

Espresso coffee maker

The undisputed leader in popularity among all other methods of brewing coffee. Espresso – the most modern, fastest and therefore the most convenient for restaurants and coffee shops way of making coffee. On the basis of espresso can be prepared a variety of coffee drinks, including cappuccino. In addition, almost all bartenders use the machine to obtain hot water for tea. We recommend you to use a line of Paulig Espresso Originale or Paulig Espresso Fortissimo.


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