How to brew coffee correctly in a cezve, coffee, pan, coffee machine. How to brew ground coffee

How to brew coffee correctly a Long and thorny path was coffee before he won the world love and acceptance. Coffee was not accepted because of its taste, colour and origin. Bitter, colours like carbon black, the drink was considered diabolical. His drinking Turkish infidels and barbarians. For the use it was punished and even killed. To prevent its penetration among the people he was liable to huge fines. But after the coffee tasted the Pope himself, and saw

the dignity of his taste and tonic quality, fell all the prejudices and prohibitions.

the Birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is considered, but rather a place called Kaffa, which is consonant with the name of a popular black drink cafe. But worldwide it has become known thanks to the Turks, and therefore call him most often Turkish coffee or Oriental, while in Greece it is called Greek coffee, and Cyprus coffee Cypriots. But anyway, good coffee does not depend on its name, and by a multitude of factors and actions. Natural conditions, variety, roasting, storage, etc., etc. play a huge role to obtain a good coffee. But you should remember that even the most high-quality and good variety, you can ruin one hand, if it is wrong to cook it.


How to brew coffee in Turku

The classic way to brew coffee is the most favorite. Turk has some skinny form and it is not in vain, as it allows you to save all his good qualities. Best copper Turks with an inner coating of tin. Coffee brewed in Turku in three ways: electricity, heat and hot sand. Electricity is boiled in an electric pot or electric burner. But at home is the best option to make coffee on the fire.

What would cook good and tasty coffee in Turku on fire it is necessary to remember two important initial step in the preparation. The fire should be minimal and water to a room temperature, but not warm. In Turku it should be cooked slowly, but not to paricipate. As soon as it begins to rise, it is poured into the Cup.

How to make coffee in the pot

This method preserves the most undesirable, since it lost its quality, but since there was nothing at hand, it is possible to brew the coffee in the pot is exactly the same as in Turka. Although there is clearly need more water and coffee, which means more time. Then you should cover the pot for a couple of minutes, until hot water, and then wait for boiling.

How to make coffee in a coffee maker

Another easy way to brew coffee at home. Really all depends on your needs. If you want good coffee, it is slightly hard. Of course it is better to grind just prior to cooking. Most importantly, what kind you like. The milled grain is larger, to provide for the easy passage of water. This method was more similar to brewing. Slowly dripping boiling water to afflict him. This is the American drip system was devised on the basis of French coffee French press. In the coffee maker fit the paper filter and ground coffee. Ready to drink gradually flows into a glass flask. It’s a bit long process, but is convenient because you can brew it right for the whole family without supervision.

While it is drained, the bulb with the finished coffee is heated the lower part of the coffee maker. Very convenient, as long coffee stays hot. In the same way you can reheat cold coffee, only in the reservoir of the coffee maker should not be water. To make it easier to acquire pressed coffee for the coffee maker with a filter in a sealed package.

How to make coffee in a coffee machine

the Most difficult way of making espresso that requires time and skills. First coffees are selected for certain queries. Everyone can make a bunch of different varieties of coffee. This can help the professionals coffee sellers. They can grind it. But it is better to grind it before cooking. What would brew good coffee in the coffee machine, you want to pour the correct amount of ground coffee in a special cone-holder and properly compacted using a small device in the form of print-temp.

Coffee is not tightly compacted and not weak, which is very important for the palatability of the future of coffee. It will take some time to learn the skill.But in General there are fully automated coffee machines that make it easy to brew any coffee in any quantity, read the instructions. However, such machine nor everyone can afford. Now consider the ways how to make coffee.

How to brew ground coffee, coffee beans, natural coffee

All it’s the same kind of coffee. The grains are ground in a coffee grinder, and it turns out the natural coffee powder. Incidentally soluble is natural, if not fake. Brewing this coffee is simple. It is important to determine the size of the coffee grind. The small, almost powder, used for Oriental coffee, espresso a bit larger, but still small, and for filter coffee medium-large grinding. Grain coffee is very tasty.

How to brew coffee espresso

This kind of coffee was invented by the Italians, and then the real Italian espresso you can drink only in Italy. But if you really try, you can make a decent espresso at home, important to follow the rules of cooking. You can use coffee beans, ground coffee, pod or capsule. Good selection of coffee varieties of Lavazza Crema Aroma. For a good result is used heavily roasted coffee, i.e. coffee dark Italian roast and fine grind.The long and difficult process of making espresso in a special machine, but the best. In a domestic environment this machine is useless to keep, and work with it professionals learn Barista for years.

everything is important and the pressure of hot air and water temperature, and water quality, and the grinding, and the sheer weight, but one portion is approximately 7G of coffee and bust or shortfall ruin everything. Better to leave it to the professionals.The easiest way for home or office espresso is to use caltowie or capsule coffee. The machine quickly makes espresso without the hassle. Your main task in choosing the coffee maker and selection of coffees. Before buying it try it, which she cooks. A good espresso should be rich aroma and taste.

the Fortress and bitter aftertaste, binding characteristics. And the crown of creation is a magnificent homogeneous foam on the surface, the color of dark caramel. We must not forget that espresso you need to drink quickly before it gets cold and pour it into the cups of a special form with thick walls, heating them in advance. A real espresso drink without sugar and milk.

to Brew espresso in Turka just a mockery, but not prohibited. For a start matching the grains are ground in a coffee grinder, preferably a manual. Then 2-3 tsp added to Turku. In a well-heated coffee on the fire added 50-ml water heated to 40 degrees. When starts to boil, quickly stir in the fire. Then again on the fire. Boil in a Cup, cover and saucer, to defend 1 minute. Here the proportions of a personal taste. You can add a pinch of salt and cinnamon. Espresso is considered the most gentle of coffee for the human body.

How to brew coffee recipes, how long to cook

Oriental Coffee brewed in Turku for a few minutes before picking up the foam. Espresso in a coffee machine in a minute poured into the Cup, given that the machine is preheated. In a drip coffee maker the coffee is brewed, about 3-5 minutes, and a French press requires not less than 5 minutes. The maker of hot spring type for about 5 minutes. All the hot coffee drinks can be turned into a refreshing, refreshing in the summer heat.

Freddo – espresso : coffee is used for such an elongated Cup with a narrow bottom and a wide neck. In a shaker with crushed ice filled double espresso and quickly shaken that coffee has cooled down. The glass is filled to the brim with ice and then a chilled espresso. in a glass put a tube and slowly sipping through the beverage.

Freddo – kapucino : turns out the above method, only the top is decorated with whipped Mall and cinnamon. Powdered milk is whipped in elctrolyte with the addition of ice. When the milk becomes a thick mass, it is possible to put a spoon on top of the coffee and sprinkle with cinnamon. You can experiment and come up with my recipes and maybe they will appeal to the whole world! Read how to brew at home.

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