How to make coffee in Turku

How to brew coffee in Turku

However, like clay and ceramic Turk has a big drawback, namely the fragility. Repeat the procedure two more times and pour the coffee into the cups. It is Turkish coffee is prepared in a cezve with a narrow cowl. Copper Turks use the greatest popularity among fans of the coffee beverage.

As soon as the foam began to rise to the edge of the Turks, very carefully

pour coffee in a little ice water. From them may be a taste that will ruin the taste of your coffee.

Turku slightly warmed, pour the ground coffee is very finely ground and pour clean cold, better spring water, without adding to the brim, and leaving space at the top for the foam. Varieties, of course, choose to your taste, but generally, the most common is Arabica.

Copper Turk has all the qualities for making the best coffee.


A little trick: many add gourmet coffee in a pinch of salt.

Equipment for making coffee in the Eastern Oriental Coffee (coffee wretzky, coffee on the sand) -Thick and rich drink, from [. ].

The wide bottom and a narrow neck (several times already bottom).

Your coffee is ready. I hope you enjoy its taste and feel a true connoisseur of the drink. Extended base allows you to quickly warm up the coffee, and narrowed the neck “not vivutravel” natural fragrance throughout the stage of cooking. The ideal amount is one Cup of coffee or 100 ml, based on 75 ml of water and 1 teaspoon of ground coffee. The procedure can be repeated several times to convey the flavor of coffee.

Aluminum Turks as well and evenly heated, like copper and thus are much cheaper. The whole point is, that the crust is not broken, because of a violation of the integrity of “buffer” drink may lose the love and taste. The optimal choice will collection with handles of wood, they do not conduct heat and will protect users from possible burns.

The best way to make coffee with the Turks. This company is one of the largest in Europe.

In order to prepare a coffee in the piston coffee maker should pre-heat. The handle size is also important, it is more convenient when it is long. It to You not to pour water into the container and turn the button on the coffee machine. For the manufacture of metal Turk modern manufacturers use a variety of materials – stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, copper and even silver.

Decide how many cups of coffee you need to cook at one time. Although, here as with the Turk: the coffee is just as good if you grind it in an electric coffee grinder, but in a beautiful hand melnicka “antique” has a special charm. This coffee is best suited for the Turks.

A lot of people love to drink coffee, but the taste of instant coffee is markedly different from cooked. Again, put Turku on fire, and, when the foam will rise for the third time – remove the pot.

Making coffee is a ritual, during which you cannot escape and have to neglect the little things. Country of origin – England (The best!), Germany, Turkey – there are able to do great mills, just twist – already enjoy that coffee and don’t need.

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