Recipes coffee using espresso machine

Recipes of coffee from a coffee machine

Usually, the range of drinks, which can offer a coffee machine, limited to espresso, Americano and cappuccino. For them cooking is enough to pour water into the tank, fill coffee and start the device, and for creating cappuccino in addition to omit a special nozzle in a container of milk.

The advantage of the preparation of beverages in a coffee machine is that the grinding operation is carried out prior to brewing each new portion . during the coffee remains the maximum amount of aromatic substances. In

addition, coffee machines and steam mixture passes through the coffee under pressure . ensure efficient extraction.

Despite the fact that the machine offers its users a small selection of coffee recipes using this unique device, You can easily create a variety of coffee drinks. Increase the amount of water for espresso and get Americano, slim – ristretto, add lemon and honey – espresso-asset.

If the design of your espresso machine cappuccino is provided, opportunities and more! You can prepare a cappuccino or a latte in different versions: German cappuccino with hot chocolate, cappuccino with syrup, three-layered latte macchiato, mocha, chocolate syrup, Viennese coffee with whipped cream, etc.

We present to your attention some of the recipes for coffee from a coffee machine!

Prepare a coffee machine serving espresso. Add the coffee in a tablespoon of honey and a little milk. Cool drink. In a separate glass, place the ball of creamy ice cream, squeeze in the juice of half orange, then pour into a container previously chilled coffee.

Japanese coffee

Prepare a strong coffee. Activate hot water in a separate Cup brew cocoa, add sugar. Mix coffee and cocoa in a 1:1 ratio. Add a little cream.

Whisk a tablespoon of melted chocolate with whipped cream, a pinch of ground cinnamon, a tablespoon of brown sugar and a small pinch of ground nutmeg. Prepare 25 ml of strong coffee and pour it into the previously prepared mixture. Mix thoroughly and garnish with whipped cream.

Prepare strong coffee. Separately heat the milk. Blend coffee with milk, sugar and vanilla. Pour the drink into a Cup, then put the foam that was left in the blender, sprinkle with grated chocolate.

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