Training Over A Cup Of Coffee.

Training For a Cup of Coffee.

How to make a delicious coffee.

Berlin melange

Great mild coffee, with condensed milk and cherries. Sweet, pleasant and delicate. It is suitable for a hot day, as it does not lose its taste great even in cold conditions. Especially it is pleasant with a sweet tooth who love condensed milk, and can’t imagine my life without adding to tea or coffee a couple of spoons of this excellent delicacy.

To prepare this drink You will need fresh coffee. Better if it is espresso, although You can make coffee in the Turk, and, forever is an extreme case — brew instant coffee. Optimally, if You prepare coffee the castle, and in a way that is familiar and comfortable. The second ingredient, as can be understood from the above written — condensed milk. Cocktail will need about half a can, although You can take and a little more.

Coffee Macchiato

modern coffee shops and restaurants contain large amounts of beverages based on coffee. One interesting and quite rare coffee drinks is Macchiato. Roughly speaking, this is an espresso with a drop of milk.

To prepare this drink You will need: ground coffee, espresso makers type, medium roast, better if it is Arabica, espresso machine, with proctogram crane for the preparation of foams and a Cup of cappuccino.

first we need to make espresso, it is better if it is the castle that You prefer and not the one that should be on prescription. Once the espresso is ready, set the Cup aside and start frothing the milk. To do this, pour into a pitcher or in a metal Cup with a thin bottom milk exactly halfway. Turn on the coffee machine to prepare the steam, and as soon as you will see the ready light, take the pitcher by the handle, and the other hand gently but firmly turn on the steam. After you turn, move your free hand on the bottom of the pitcher and control the temperature.

Summer coffee

With the onset of warm weather, increasingly, we began to think not about hot sogrevayet drink, and a nice cooling drink. There are many ways to make iced coffee, associated with the addition of ice, and with the addition of ice cream. However, they all have one major flaw. When cooled coffee in the usual way, without the aid of auxiliary means, lost most of its flavor. If we add ice, coffee to lose its stronghold and original taste. Ice cream is a great Supplement for those who like mild coffee. What can those who like strong, rich coffee, but wants to drink it cold? That’s why this recipe for iced coffee is especially valuable.

the first will be the strong grain roasting, and solem them in a coffee grinder. The grind should be coarse, rude. Put the beans in a shaker or other lockable tall glass. Cover the beans with cold water in a ratio of 1 part coffee to 4.5 parts water. If You want to give the whole family a wonderful drink, you should take lots of grains. Tightly closed the shaker lid put it in the fridge for twelve hours. You can leave for the night, but better to withstand time. Fill ice moulds boiled water and quietly go to sleep.

Morning coffee

Morning coffee should not only evoke its rich aroma, but also have a pleasant taste. When preparing coffee, you should think only about the good, as has long been observed that if during cooking the chefs visit a pleasant thought, and the taste of the cooking of food will be much better.

Grind for your morning coffee it is better to choose small, as it was when it grains give the whole drink taste and aroma. Grinding coffee must be especially careful. If you coffee grindstone, it will not be difficult. If the same knife,the grind time is about two to three minutes. For cooking, use only well-heated coffee, with the necessary quantity of water. If the level approaches the minimum, you should

To the effect of caffeine was maximum, prepare ristretto. This coffee the Italians considered the strongest. Drink water, but its volume is only a few SIPS. Such a coffee to drink on the go without chocolate or other dessert.

If you don’t like strong coffee, or you suffer from diseases of heart or stomach, ristretto is better not to cook. In this case you either espresso or cappuccino. Cappuccino optimally so that the milk, included in its composition significantly soften its effect.

Coffee in the Bedouin

a Variety of ways to brew coffee as big as our Earth. And if we have become accustomed to preparing coffee in cezve, to these complex methods of cooking cafe like the Bedouin, many are skeptical.

the biggest drawback in the preparation of this aromatic beverage is considered that the time of cooking up to twenty hours. It may be less, but not earlier than from the moment of the beginning of coffee eighteen hours will be held, it will remove from fire. In the process of its cooking water gradually evaporated. And in the end there’s a very high concentrate of caffeine, so strong that after cooking poured into the Cup a little drink. Coffee is definitely on the hot sand, which is dug in the base of the cezve.

Coffee Bahia

One of the most popular varieties of iced coffee, it’s a cocktail of coffee with an interesting name Bahia. The name came in honor of the state of Brazil, as it has the appropriate flavor and taste. It’s a mixture of black coffee and a pronounced taste fragrant exotics.

To prepare You will need six cups of strong espresso, half a large banana, a teaspoon of brown sugar and two tablespoons (no slides) of coconut milk and a few ice cubes. Espresso are best prepared using an espresso machine, in the usual way and using such a number of grains, which optimally for You.

the First coffee shop “Costa Coffee” in Russia

almost a year ago in the capital opened the first coffee shop “Costa Coffee”. On Pushkin square now has a part of the UK, as it is this chain of coffee shops in the United Kingdom is the most popular. The main feature of this coffee is that its hallmark is a strong coffee with pronounced taste. And the second feature data of coffee is that coffee at your request it can be served in any capacity. And it is not limited as in other coffee houses three variations of “small”, “medium” and “large”. And in quite a variety of vessels — from small Cup to a kind of the coffee tureen”.

In the world of coffee shop “Costa Coffee” over a thousand, but in Moscow until only one open. Given a position, a Pushkin square, a meeting place for thousands of people per day.

a Cocktail of coffee “Tropical Paradise”

Although women’s day has passed, but do not forget that the beautiful half of humanity should please not only on this day. And to their surprise, not necessarily a long time to prepare, to spend large amounts of money. You can cook them a delicious coffee cocktail, which is suitable not only for a young girl. The recipe is quite simple, and therefore, the surprise must succeed.

To prepare coffee cocktail “Tropical Paradise” You will need: two cups of espresso, sixty ml pineapple liqueur, slick (better to take viscaya fat, about 35%), canned pineapple, powdered sugar, mango and a couple of wooden toothpicks or skewers.

First prepare espresso, so it is a little cold. At this time, warm the cups with steam, if Your coffee machine is equipped proctogram tap, or simply pouring boiling water from the kettle.

the Optimal number of grains

Once you’ve selected a coffee or a Turk, it’s time to determine the optimal amount of beans for brewing. The optimal number of ground beans will help You to always make good coffee. Depending on the degree of preparation You might need one to two teaspoons of ground coffee for a Cup of 50 ml strong coffee, and a medium-bodied for a more higher volume. Brewed coffee will be delicious if You nedoberet grains, or Vice versa, will take too much.

in order to accurately determine the amount of coffee needed You need to determine the variety and roasting. After that you needed to grind the coffee grind and brew several cups of coffee, every time, just remembering the amount of coffee used for cooking. Finding the optimal ratio, it is not necessary to change it. And if You want to make a weaker coffee, it is best to dilute it with hot water, so he couldn’t purchase unwanted connections, or unpleasant taste.

How to cook a delicious coffee house

Waking up early every weekday morning coffee lover, dreams of the aromatic Cup of the aromatic drink. But often desires do not always coincide with reality. Not always knowing how to make coffee, many open a jar of instant coffee and make a big mistake. Because to make good coffee at home is not too difficult. And it does not require a significant cash outlay.

For making a quality beverage is important to know the intricacies that are simple in execution. Presumably, in order to obtain aromatic and delicious coffee, the water should dissolve about twenty percent of ground beans.

Pour coffee. We’re starting.

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